Four Aspects Of Montessori Materials That Will Improve Your Child's Daycare Experience

When choosing a daycare for your child, there are several things you should take into consideration. The location, cost, staff, and curriculum are all important. It is also important to consider what types of materials your child will play with throughout the day. Montessori materials tend to be made of natural materials such as wood, are made for specific ages and developmental stages, and have a variety of benefits. Below are some of the reasons to look for a daycare center with Montessori materials.

Teaching Your Teen To Drive

When your teen learns how to drive, it's a big step them and you. As a parent, you want to ensure that your teen can safely and confidently navigate the responsibilities and potential dangers on the road. Before your teen can drive, however, they must earn their driver's permit and pass their driver's test. This process can sometime take months or years.  Here's a quick guide to helping your teen ace their driving test:

Three Reasons For Choosing A Special Needs-Focused Preschool Over An Inclusive Program

If you are looking to enroll your special needs preschooler in a child care program, you may be wondering if you should enroll him or her in a special needs-focused preschool or if you should enroll him/her in an inclusive program. There are any number of reasons why a parent might choose one type of preschool child care program over the other. However, there are some very valid reasons why you would and should choose the special-needs-only program for your child.

Letting Your Child Lead The Way--The Case For Preschools Built On The Montessori Philosophy

In education, there is really no argument about the benefits of preschool for young learners. According to experts, preschool fulfills a child's natural curiosity, positively impacts their brain's structure, and builds a desire to learn that extends well past preschool age. So, if you're making the choice to send your child to preschool, rest assured that you're making a solid investment in your child's future academic success. That said, with all of the preschool structures to choose from, it's difficult to know which one is right for your child.

5 Signs of a Safe Daycare Center

If you are trying to find a daycare for your infant, toddler, or child, safety is likely one of your top concerns. Above all, it is important that you find a reputable daycare center that provides for the physical, emotional, and developmental needs of your child while keeping them safe. However, as a busy adult, you may not know how to tell whether a daycare center is as safe as it claims to be.